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Register for a FREE Investing Webinar with Ben Durant!

February 8, 2017News

Join Ben Durant for his free webinar, Hot New Way for You to Invest in Real Estate and Build Wealth! Ben will be uncovering one of the most exciting new trends in real estate investing that allows the average investor to access some of the most exclusive and lucrative deals.  He’ll reveal the secrets to teach you to begin earning passive income and build wealth.

The 30-minute FREE webinar will cover:

  • Why you need to know about real estate syndication
  • The five key benefits of investing in real estate syndicates
  • Real estate syndicates and why they are not for everyone
  • Publicly Traded REITs vs. Private syndicate
  • How to find syndication opportunities when most aren’t advertised

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10 Home Exterior Color Palettes

February 7, 2017News

Are you classic or bold with your home design? Show your style outside your home, draw inspiration from these exterior paint color schemes that offer serious curb appeal and tell the world what exquisite taste you have.

Brown + Gray + Yellow-Gold

A neutral palette of brown, gray and gold expresses a modern aesthetic. Choose the lightest brown to cover the majority of the home, and use darker accent colors to highlight the home’s architectural details.

Yellow + Cinnamon Brown + Pure White

This a great combination for a beach house or home with lots of natural sunlight. The sun warms the yellow creating a lovely glow, paint the front door cinnamon to ground the home and use white accents on the windows to create a crisp and clean vibe.

White Putty + Taupe + Olive Green

Classic American homes like a Craftsman look great in a neutral color palette. This is simple, sophisticated combination.  Choose a soft taupe exterior with an accent of olive and white to pair perfectly with a natural landscape.  

Green + Celestial Blue + White

A sweet trend in paint selection is to pair the home with the natural surroundings. A traditional home’s with a soft pine green base pops with an accent of sky blue and a creamy white door.

Slate Gray + White + Deep Turquoise

A blue-gray color palette tells the world you are sophisticated and elegant. Accented this combination with white trim for truly regal curb appeal. For a touch of fun paint the front door a dark almost navy turquoise to compliment the slate gray.  

Taupe + Beige + Brown + Brick Red

Root your home into its landscape with an earthy palette of taupe, beige, brown and red. Select muted hues to blend more naturally.

Peach + Reddish Brown + Cream

In the style of the old Victorian home this color palette is soothing and simple. Paint the siding warm peach while using the red-tinted brown and cream for the trim.

Gray + White + Moss Green

This combo has American Craftsman written all over it. A warm, neutral palette in gray and white is welcoming and friendly. Make the porch pop with the unexpected touch of painting its floor a natural green.

Classic Black + White

Be timeless with a black and white palette. This is one color scheme that will definitely not go out of style.

White + Dark Chocolate

A twist on the classic black and white. This combo is great for high contrast landscapes. The beauty of this color combo? Any accent color can be chosen for outdoor furniture and decorations.

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Best Home Design Apps For 2017

February 3, 2017News

Due to controversial and rapid advancements in tech, smartphones have become somewhat of our everything. For many, if not most smartphone holders, this pocket sized device is our main life management tool. In addition to games, email, shopping, list making, banking, music storage and daily planning we can also design a home on our smartphones. This is bad news for interior designers.

As we know decorating rarely goes to plan, the main reason being there’s a big difference between how things look in your head and how they look in reality.

Now there is an app for that! You can now decorate your home, from the colors on the walls down to the color of the furniture, all from your smartphone.

Here are five of the top home design apps on the market:


Homestyler Interior Design – Use this app to makeover a room. Through pictures of the actual space you will be able to choose from a variety of furnishings to choose an arrangement for your space. This is great for those of us that may be spatially challenged and prone to buying furniture that just does not fit in a space.

Download Homestyler Interior Design for Android here

Download Homestyler Interior Design for iOS here


Home Design 3D Gold – This is a great tool for designing a larger project, like a whole house. You can easily throw up walls, doors and windows and add furnishings, followed by a virtual tour of your design.

Download Home Design 3D Gold here

Dulux Visualizer – Easy. Snap a photo, choose a colour and start painting. It is a great way to find new paint colors that really work for your home.

Download Dulux Visualizer for Android here

Download Visualizer for iOS here


Magic Plan – This is a great tool for creating floorplans of existing properties. Mark out the walls, floor, ceiling, doors and whatnot of a room. From that, the app makes 2D plans to be exported as PDF, JPG, DXF, HTML or CSV files.

Download Magic Plan for Android here

Download Magic Plan for iOS here


3D room Designer – Created by Crate & Barrel this app gives an idea of how you can decorate, rearrange or transform a room, using 3D models overlaid on to your photos or room templates.

Download 3D Room Designer for iOS here


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5 Tricks For Home Cleaning

January 27, 2017News

Cleaning … everyone’s favorite topic. And those hard to reach spots, WHY? When it comes to cleaning the complicated spots in your home, do you find yourself giving up before you have even started? Here are a few tricks to mark even the most complicated and hard to reach spots ‘no biggie’ on your to do list!

The blinds. Time to channel grandma and slip on a pair of white cotton gloves. Dip the fingertips of one hand into a solution of equal parts warm water and white vinegar and run your fingers through each slat, re-dip as needed. Use a dryer sheet to dry and voila! As an added bonus the residue on the dryer sheet will help repel dust in the future.

The ceiling fan. First make sure it is OFF and everyone in the house knows to keep it that way. Cover the floor below the fan with an old sheet or drop cloth. Fill a spray bottle with water and 2 tablespoons of white vinegar and spritz generously into an old pillowcase. Use a ladder to reach the blades and place the case over each one rubbing them clean, the dirt and dust will get caught inside. Cool trick right!

The mattress. Working directly over the mattress, pour baking soda into a sieve. Sprinkle the soda evenly over the mattress which will draw out dirt and odors. Leave the baking soda in place and re-make the bed with clean sheets. Leave in place for one full wear and simply vacuum up next time you change the sheets.

The radiator. This clean only needs to be performed as needed or twice a year. First, make sure everything is dry.  Then, dust between the radiator fins with a bottle brush and make sure to vacuum up all debris so it doesn’t going back into the air. So simple and can save you from allergens in the air as well the additional cost accrued by slow working equipment.

The garbage disposal. Here’s how to clean this hard to reach breeding ground for bacteria.  Pour 3 tablespoons of Borax inside, let it sit for one hour, and then flush with hot water. If you have lingering odors that won’t go away and want to make sure you keep blades sharp, freeze ½ cup of white vinegar mixed with water in an ice-cube tray, toss in a few cubes, and turn on the disposal. To break up grease deposits, feed the disposal a small fruit pit or a chicken bone every now and then. Does this sound a bit bizarre? Try it, it really works!

You are now five steps closer to a cleaner home.

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Home Toolkit Must Haves

January 20, 2017News

Having the proper tools is key to being able to do simple home repairs and odd jobs yourself. The long and the short of it is there are simply some essential tools that every home just must have. Here is our list of the essentials …

  1. Drain Snake … this tool is IMPERATIVE. You can easily avoid a much larger plumbing bill if you simple DIY a clogged drain with this handy tool. 9 times out of 10 a backed up drain is a simple clog.
  2. A ladder. No you may not need an extension ladder for your simple home project needs but a simple step ladder is a must.
  3. A portable jump starter. This is an especially useful item to have at home if you life in the country. How many times have we all left the lights on and woken to a dead battery. Help yourself and keep one of these handy to easily get yourself on the road again.
  4. A snow shovel. Two words … Vermont winter.
  5. A X-ACTO knife kit. You will use this more than you would have imagined. Super Sharp and lightweight the X-ACTO is great for jobs from scraping tape or paint off a glass surface to getting the perfect cut from a roll of christmas wrap.
  6. Wire Cutters. Yup, you will use these! Great for their namesake cutting wire and other too tough for scissors items in the home.
  7. Duct Tape. This is literally the #1 most useful item to have at home.
  8. A portable compressor. Save your breath! This handy item will inflate all your inflatables from tires to air mattresses.
  9. A collection of bungee cords in various sizes and strengths.
  10. A hand truck. While this may not be an item you use every day it sure will make a whale of a difference when you need it.

And now for the basic, no surprise here list!

  1. A 50ft extension cord.
  2. A measuring tape.
  3. An adjustable wrench.
  4. Pliers.
  5. A hammer.
  6. A box cutter.
  7. A shop vac or vacuum capable of taking care of wet spills.
  8. A plunger.
  9. Needle nose pliers.
  10. A tarp.
  11. A high powered flashlight.
  12. Glue. Super glue is nice … but try Bish’s Original tear Mender or Sticky Ass Glue instead.
  13. A glue gun.
  14. WD40
  15. TWO screwdrivers … a flathead and phillips head are essential. And you must own both.

While not all of these tool items are what we would think of as conventional. They are all item you will find yourself saying “I wish I had …” on more than one occasion.


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2017 Decorating Trends We Love

January 14, 2017News

Boho was the word of the year in 2016 when it comes to design trends. Think woven wall hangings and elaborate tapestries. Well a new year is here and with it comes an itch for change. Here are some trends to watch in 2017.

Artisan-Crafted Furniture is big this year. When a piece of furniture is handcrafted by an artisan, rather than mass produced through a factory chain, that instantly adds a distinct and personal touch to any interior space. Handmade products require time, thought and skill which add meaning and value to the piece.

Gray is HOT in 2017. It was the prominent color for interior design in 2016 and ain’t going anywhere in 2017. We will see a wide range of gray from the almost white to deep, rich shades.
Gray is complementary to many colors, making it a great go to interior home decor choice.

Muted colors are the general rule this year. In addition to seeing a lot of gray hues, this year is all about neutrals. White, beige and blush pink are all on trend.

For a splash of color, green is a great choice in 2017. This trend ranges from lime green to emerald.  You can go big or keep it subtle with this trend comfortably. A bold room treatment in green is perfectly on trend as is (and far more comfortable for some) smaller accent details.

Tropical prints are in! This print will continue is appearing in wallpaper and designer fabrics. Sound a bit bold for your taste? A simple throw pillow is a great way to share this trend more conservatively. If you are starting new, an important home decor rule is to purchases a neutral couch. With a simple and versatile couch you can change with the trends by swapping out throw pillows.

Whatever your pleasure, have fun with it.

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Weird Home Decor Trends

January 7, 2017News

Designing your new home is one of the most exciting things you may experience in your life. Creating a living space your you and your loved ones is a great responsibility. What a treat to make a space that exemplifies your personal style and meets your needs.  

History shows a huge variety of what is home, caves transitioned to huts, castles and today a variety of closed structures. Sometimes the environment and landscape dictates the home design more than the preference of homeowner. And sometimes the home’s design veers toward the weird. Many people like to incorporate the unusual and humorous when it comes to decorating a home. For these fun loving folks little pieces that can be added to a design to give a home a unique, and downright laughable look. Check out these “weird” home decor trends!

  1. Hyper-Realistic Wallpaper – Hyper-realism is a genre art resembling high-resolution photograph. This trend is being seen transferred onto wallpaper in homes. Images range from relatively tame nature landscapes, tree bark and water droplets to the extreme  fantasy images, anime and realistic human faces.
  2. Bizarre Bathroom Sinks – Bathroom sinks have taken a turn from function to funky. We are seeing unusual shapes, textures and straight up sculptured sinks as the newest bathroom trend.
  3. Taxidermy – Fluffed and stuffed, taxidermy is back in style and not just for your creepy uncle. To add to the weird, animals are being posed to express a bit of humor and a touch of whimsy.
  4. Outlandish Carpets – We are seeing a huge rise in weird rug design. Images of animals, human faces and fantastical creatures are greeting us from the floor.
  5. Birds – “Put a bird on it.” Bird art, throw pillows, duvets and more are becoming part of mainstream home design. Adorn your home with a touch of humor!

What is your personal style? Would you introduce any of these trends into your home design?

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Trends in Assisted Living

December 29, 2016News

BlackRock recently completed a large commercial project dubbed The ALZ. Spring Village at Essex, owned and operated by Woodbine Senior Living is a 50 plus bed closed facility for seniors living with Alzheimer’s. This was an exciting project to be a part of, the entire BlackRock team is proud to see such a high level of care brought to Essex, Vermont. As we look toward the future, we look forward to more builds like this one. Here are some trends to look for in assisted living.

Senior living options will become increasingly popular. While CCRC’s or continuing care retirement communities have been attractive to many aging adults in the past, we are seeing this interest growing. CCRC’s offer continuing care starting with completely independent living and include assisted living, and even nursing home-level care. Residents have access to the care that they need at each life stage without having to move facilities.

Memory care gets nostalgic. Memory care facilities are using sight, sound, and even smell to help dementia residents retrieve long-term memories. Grounds and living areas designed in styles from the eras they recognize like the 1950s and 1960s bring residents back to the familiar world of their youth. Often items associated with major milestones are placed throughout the facility, such as wedding apparel and baby dolls. Research shows that this type of memory care reduces agitation and anxiety. It can even improve memory in some cases.

Look for a trend in senior co-housing. Co-housing is an option that has some appeal for a growing number of older adults, it offers the privacy of a single-family home with a sense of community. The advantages of co-housing for seniors include, access to a communal group of caregivers and shared responsibilities easing the burden of some daily activities such as meal prep, yard work and other household chores.

Senior living will be environmentally conscious.  Going green! Cost concerns continue to affect the assisted living industry and the economic advantages of going green are undeniable. A growing number of assisted living communities will embrace eco-friendly measures. This shift is also client driven as facilities that embrace the green movement will likely see an increase in resident populations as more eco-conscious people reach retirement age.

Personal living spaces will see improvements. Many assisted living communities will be adding amenities to attract more seniors to them.  Additions like walk-in closets, spacious bathrooms, and fully equipped kitchenettes will living spaces feel more like home. Improvements will also move outside, landscaped gardens and beautiful architecture will be a focus to appeal to the eye and heart of residents.

BlackRock, in association with Hergenrother Industries, currently has opportunities for leasing, purchase and investment in these and other projects, ranging from individual unit purchases to investment fund opportunities.

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10 Ways To Repurpose Holiday Wrap

December 23, 2016News

Alright homeowners, the holidays are here and with the cheers also comes a whole lotta garbage! Part of the fun of the holidays is the gift wrap. Adorning the many gifts you have selected for your family and friends with gorgeous papers, ribbons and tags is all a part of the holiday process. So what happens to all this fanciful wrap after the holidays? Do you burn it? Dump it? Or do you put on your creative thinking cap and repurpose it? Here are 10 great ways to reuse, recycle and reduce the waste of the holidays.


Shred it into paper confetti for the next holiday. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner and just begging for a confetti celebration. Give your age appropriate child a pair of scissors and let them go to town!

Line plain bookshelves or drawers. This is a really fun way to preserve that holiday wrap that you love. Dressing up a plain set of shelves or drawers by lining them with special paper is a great DIY home project.

Wrap books for a splash of flair. A great way to preserve the life of your kids textbooks is to wrap the covers in paper. Move over brown bags here come something more festive!

Make origami! As we look toward the chilly winter months having some inside activities up your sleeve will preserve everyone’s sanity. Watch this tutorial to learn how to repurpose your holiday wrap into beautiful paper sculptures.

Make envelopes. Use this tutorial to make tiny envelopes. Make envelopes for all of your letter sending needs, because email is fine but snail mail is the best mail.

Pack with it. Using leftover paper to wrap up fragile items for storage is a great way to save your special items and reuse holiday waste. Start with your holiday ornaments!

Make paper stars. This tutorial shows you a fun way to recycle your holiday paper into stars.

Create gift bows to use all year long. Follow these these easy to make beautiful decorative bows. Making bows has never been so easy.

Fill frames with decorative paper. Are you always looking for creative ways to decorate your home for the holidays? Frame your favorite pieces of leftover paper and enjoy year after year.

Make placemats. Create placemats for any occasion out of your leftover and discarded holiday wrap. Check out how to DIY placemats for an extra special touch at your next dinner party.


Home decor can be as small as these fun and easy DIY ideas for repurposing the waste of the holidays. Have some fun with it and reduce your carbon footprint.

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Interior Design Trends for Commercial Builds

December 17, 2016News

The most important things to consider when designing a commercial interior is efficiency, being cost-effective and creating a unique and thoughtful space.

Follow these simple trends to achieve the most of your commercial project.

  1. Furniture Selection – Cost no longer drives this design element but rather functionality. Today’s trends reflect more and more ergonomic design, like adjustable arms on chairs and standing desks. Much like home design organic elements are making their way into furniture design and we are seeing lots of durable materials like woods, metals, and glass. Likely your clients will be looking for quality so why not offer it to them.
  2. Geometric Patterns – Large (or super-scale) design patterns using geometric patterns are showing on trend. This vision expresses personality and makes a memorable impression.
  3. Funky Combos – Designers are getting a little quirky with patterns and textures. Think mismatched tile or paint combinations and roll with this atheistic. This is a fun way to separate your space from the norm and stand out in the crowd.  
  4. Deep Colors – Referencing back to organic and natural elements being the flavor of the year the trend in commercial interior color is deep, cooling, natural tones. Charcoal, gray, ivory, stone, and taupe are a few colors that come to mind. Often a simple deep color palette is accented by a splash of the unexpected, bright orange or vivid blue to make a statement.
  5. Open Floor Plans – The days of small isolated cubicles are behind us, today’s work space is light and friendly. Separate desks with low or transparent panels, or none at all. Keeping work space open promotes communication and the sharing of knowledge.

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