Who We Are - BlackRock Construction


BlackRock Construction offers diverse investment opportunities in Vermont Real Estate & Development. Vermont Real Estate is in high demand, and we are helping grow our communities and meet the demand for housing.

Growing Demand for Housing Means a Wealth of Opportunities for Investors

In 2012, we founded BlackRock Construction. It is now an award-winning, Vermont-based development and construction management firm rooted in residential and commercial development. BlackRock Construction was named #42 on the Inc. 5000, along with #1 in the Top Construction Companies category as well as #1 in Top Vermont Companies. Additionally, BlackRock Construction’s office building in South Burlington was included in Inc. 5000’s. And now, in partnership with investors like you, BlackRock Construction is ascending to new heights!

When investing in real estate as our partner these are the benefits you can expect:

  • 13% to 25% annualized ROI
  • Invitations to VIP investor events and project walk-throughs
  • The opportunity to invest in larger-scale real estate
  • Hands-off passive investing
  • Diversified real estate investment opportunities including Senior Housing, Residential Subdivisions, Commercial, Muti-Family, and Mixed-Use.

With over $50 million in assets already in play, BlackRock Construction is looking to take on even more projects, meet the growing demand for housing in our communities, and pass opportunities on to you.

If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out for a private discussion with Benjamin Avery, our VP of Development, at 802.861.1121 or ben@blackrockus.com.