BlackRock Construction’s mission is to advocate for clients’ interests in both value and quality. Our clients are often located out of state or are managing multiple projects and we understand the need to have a construction company looking out for your best interests. Working on behalf of our clients, as if the project were our own, is our specialty.

Whatever the scope of your project, we excel at managing the project from beginning to end, by understanding your vision, ensuring no details are overlooked, maintaining the highest quality standards, and working within your budget. BlackRock Construction can effectively manage your project by maintaining excellent communication, creating accurate estimates/budgets, developing and managing schedules, ensuring safety, and delivering expected quality.

Our construction management services cover both pre-construction and construction. When you choose BlackRock Construction, we will manage all aspects of the construction phase including permitting, selecting vendors, arranging meetings and travel, managing cash flow, maintaining communication and documentation, providing on-site project management, and coordinating move-in and occupancy. Your project will be taken care of from concept to completion and our concierge service will ensure an enjoyable experience along the way.

If you are interested in our construction management services, please call 802.861.1120 or e-mail