Real Estate Development - BlackRock Construction


BlackRock Construction is equipped to handle all aspects of Real Estate Development. Our seasoned team can manage a project from concept to construction including:

  • Site acquisition
  • Feasibility and market analysis
  • Operating pro forma
  • Financial review
  • Planning
  • Permitting
  • Construction management

Our group of experienced professionals can help build and manage a professional design team executing urban planning, civil engineering, architecture and landscape design. We have numerous professional services relationships that we can use to build a team with the most applicable experience to a given project. We also manage all municipal permitting efforts and can recommend top tier legal services to assist in project structure, permitting strategy, and general representation. BlackRock Construction performs client based services as well as internal development projects. Our team is continuously seeking new opportunities.

For more information, contact VP of Development, Ben Avery at 802.861.1121 or