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Adam is the co-owner of BlackRock Construction and his visionary thinking and extensive background in finance, real estate, and marketing guides the business. In September 2012, Adam Hergenrother Construction merged with Hergenrother Custom Development to form BlackRock Construction, a development, project management, and construction powerhouse.

Adam is a dynamic, decisive, results-oriented leader with remarkable foresight and innovation, driven to continuously bring business to the next level. His superior interpersonal skills and dedication to a team approach drives organizational improvements and implementation of best practices, while motivating his team to peak performance.

A born and raised Vermonter, Adam lives in South Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, Sarah, and three children.

Adam Hergenrother - BlackRock Construction



As co-owner of BlackRock Construction, Tom’s entrepreneurial spirit, leadership and critical thinking combined with his background in business, finance and real estate development will provide the perfect synergy.

Upon graduating from The University of Vermont with a degree in Business with dual concentration in finance and marketing, Tom started his business career in the finance industry working for Bombardier Capital. Tom continued his education upon graduation from UVM by obtaining his Master’s degree from Saint Michaels College.

In 2006, Tom decided to leave the financial world of commercial underwriting and embark on a career in real estate. In 2008, Tom founded Hergenrother Custom Development which specialized in residential and light commercial development. Over the next five years, Tom’s development expertise and direct, but inspiring, management style, helped provide the platform to grow Hergenrother Custom Development to a successful business in the greater Burlington area.

Combined with a bold yet calculated decision-making mindset, Tom’s innate ability to structure and streamline organizational and construction practices helps to provide the foundation for increased business productivity. With his focus on growth, providing exceptional value, and employee satisfaction, Tom has created a platform for success.

Tom lives in South Burlington, Vermont, with his wife, Kelly, and three children.


Chief Financial Officer

Kemener, CFO at BlackRock Construction, uses his passion, energy, and analytical mindset, to bring tremendous value to people, projects, and companies on a daily basis.  He particularly enjoys helping people recognize and achieve their true potential. Kemener’s experiences in commercial finance, collaboratively working to grow and manage a nearly $100 million portfolio, serve as a tremendous asset for both investors and investments.

Kemener lives in Essex, Vermont, with his beautiful wife, daughter and son. When not furthering the vision of BlackRock Construction, he spends time with his family, as well as enjoying time on picturesque Lake Champlain.

Contact: | 802-861-1123

Kemener Whalen - BlackRock Construction


Vice President of Development

As Vice President of Development, Ben manages the development and permitting teams for both internal and client based projects. Ben’s mission is the evaluation and creation of projects and opportunities for BlackRock Construction and its clients. Overseeing development projects from the initial negotiation through the permitting process, to construction start, while creating win-win situations for all stakeholders is his overall goal. Ben’s focus on these values makes him an asset to any type of project and an excellent advocate for our clients.

A native of Rochester, New York, Ben has resided in Vermont for the better part of the last 20 years. He has a strong entrepreneurial background including 15 years in food service including multi-unit management and franchise/wholesale ownership. For the past five years he has been a consultant to small to mid-sized businesses in the greater Burlington, Vermont, area in the fields of general strategy, restructuring, and development. As a function of many of these roles, Ben has worked with clients in the areas of commercial investment, residential development and management, as well as redevelopment of underutilized assets. He takes an objective and fair approach to transactions and is very adept at negotiations on high value properties, permitting coordination, and complex transactions.

Ben lives in Williston, Vermont, with his wife, Michelle, and their four children.

Contact: | 802-861-1121

Ben Avery, BlackRock Construction