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10 Ideas for Storage with Baskets

February 18, 2017News

No matter where you put baskets; in cubbies, on shelves, under furniture, they store tons of stuff while adding charm to your decor. Here are 10 ways to use them.


1. Use baskets in the kitchen to hide secrets on open shelving. Baskets add a tidy look in the kitchen and create a warm uniformity within the space.


2. Tuck crafts and miscellaneous items away neatly in a study, spare room or childrens space. Use a simple book shelf and baskets to create an organized storage space. You can label them or stick a tag to the bottom of each bin for easy and hidden reference.


3. Baskets make great storage in the bathroom. Use a cloth basket rather whicker for bathroom supplies so it can handle getting wet and be easily cleaned.


4. Line baskets with fabric to match your room. This is a great trick to implement for under the coffee table storage in the livingroom. Want to hide tv remotes and the like but have easy access? Storage baskets are great for this.


5. Tuck baskets under a bench by the door. The area by your front door can get a bit cluttered if you are not careful. Use basket storage to hide dog leashes, hats and gloves as well as smaller apparel you want to have easy access to.


6. Create toy storage in your children’s rooms. Wall mounted cubbies with basket inserts make clean up time easy. Label each basket so your child can clean his or her room without much help.


7. Organize your pantry. Tall baskets are great for bulk pantry storage. Get baskets with handles to manage easily on a regular basis.


8. Bedside baskets. Place a bench at the foot of the bed with basket storage underneath. This is a great spot to store extra blankets, slippers and other nighttime necessities.


9. Organize your linen closet into baskets. Create a system for your linens that keeps them organized into itemized baskets. This way you can easily transport to and from the laundry room. Don’t forget to label them!


10. Free standing storage. Because a basket is a decorative piece they can placed around a home for storage without needing to be hidden away. Use a large basket next to the sofa to store throw blankets.

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